Wednesday, May 5, 2010


Alisa had high fever starting on last Friday, so I brought her to the clinic. Doctor gave antibiotic which last for 3 days and according to him, the fever should be ok after that. During the 3 days period, her fever was so high (38.5-39 deg) with no sign of decreasing. Hubby didn't sleep for 3 nights taking care of her:((( Really appreciated him and grateful for having him as my hubby!! We were so worried because Alisa also had asthma and she's so fragile...just look at her skinny and small size, you'll knew it!!!

Finally, on the third day, her temperature has decreased and the fever was gone. However, I continually monitoring her temperature just to be cautious.She was ok for 2 days (I'm recording her temperature 3 times a day!).However during the second night, she got a fever again with 38 deg!!! I was shocked!!! I called hubby and asked him to come back home immediately, I was so trembling thinking of the possibility of H1N1, and Alisa is categorized as high risk if she's having H1N1 due to her asthma...

The next morning, we hurried to the specialist. Doctor ran a blood test and x-ray. From the result, he suspected that Alisa might has an influenza like symptom H1N1. My face turned white and I was speechless and surely Doctor noticed that. He told us to undergo the swab test for H1N1. I was praying the result would be negative, can't imagine what'll happen next...I was about to cry...!!

Finally,the result was out and it's negative!!! Alhamdulillah, we were so relieved.Felt half of the burden was lifted up from me...It was bacteria and virus infection at her lung.So, Doc prescribed an antibiotic + antiviral along with other medicines.According to him kids with asthma are prone to get lung infection with prolong fever or cough.

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